Captain’s Knock is a business networking organization with a charitable focus.We host and promote high-quality events that bring leaders from business and legends from sports together, to network, celebrate and raise money for worthwhile causes. Our events are known for being fun, interactive and attracting an international crowd of like-minded and success-driven ‘captains of industry’.
Captain’s Knock?The term originates from cricket when a captain from the batting side has an innings which wins the game. The “knock” being the sound of the ball on bat. The term is often used across sports to describe any captain’s performance that helps win a game. In a similar way, high-performing business leaders are able to direct organizations to successful results.
For those in business seeking to perform at a captain’s knock level, we are the place to exchange experiences with and learn from those who have achieved. In bringing together individuals and audiences of this caliber, we raise substantial sums for good causes.
Richard Sexton, MBE, Founder & CEO
Bio // Linked In “We established Captain’s Knock in 2008 and have raised over $1million for charity. We wanted to create an event that brought together like-minded,  successful, professional people, over their love of sport and in so doing,  raise money for worthwhile causes. People are passionate about the sports and the stars they grew up watching, so there is always an electric atmosphere. We always have a Q&A with the legends which provides not only humorous anecdotes but also compelling stories from their careers, often about working hard, studying their competition and focusing on improving their weaknesses to become champions .Lessons that cross-over into the boardroom.

Our events are for business leaders passionate about sport and we are taking the concept  to major cities around the world and in so doing, raising significant funds for charity”.

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